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The following testimonials are unsolicited from our scholarship fund recipients, and are a genuine reflection of their appreciation for your financial provision, which gives them hope, protection, and care. Please take a minute to read their sentiments about your partnership with MSF. And thank you for supporting our mission.

"Dearest Heroes,

Words cannot express the tremendous gratitude that I have. It is as though you have given me more hope and possibility than I had ever thought I would have. I can see myself free someday for the first time. Thank you. Thank you from every fiber of my being.

With sincerest gratitude and love..."

"Dear Manna Scholarship Fund,

As I sit and think how exactly to express to you my deep gratitude, words fail me quite completely. I find this fact odd as not a day goes by when I don't think of your tremendous gift to me; a gift, without which, I would most likely still be fighting nature, battling to rid myself of my own humanity. "Thank you" is simply far too common place for such a gift. You have successfully achieved a piece of the task set out for mankind two thousand years ago by Jesus Christ. You had and gave to those who had not. I was stubborn and rude and you were patient and kind. I was prideful yet humiliated and you humbled me while teaching me my infinite value in God's eyes. I was ever so lost. I had been chased off of my intended path long ago, starved and hopeless, resigned to my self-inflicted misery. Though I knew I was desperately lost, I had not the strength to find my way home, even if my hopelessness had not been so all-consuming. Then, you found me. You took me upon your shoulders and carried me to safety. There you fed me and cared for me, taught me to live again. You nursed me to health, allowed me to lean on you until I was finally able to walk on my own. You were truly my manna in the desert: sent by God to sustain life in a dreadful, barren situation. No amount of thanks can repay such a gift. You gave me life and for that I am eternally grateful!!!

Amy, initial MSF recipient"

 Life With An Eating Disorder 
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