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Friday, January 13 2017
Open Letter to Potential Donors

Why Give to Manna

There are so many non-profit organizations out there raising money for fantastic causes; when you have a heart for giving, it is hard to choose one! I feel led to write an open letter to anyone considering giving to the Manna Fund.

Dear Potential Manna Fund donor,

As you contemplate on which organization is worthy of your hard earned money, I want to tell you about why the Manna Fund is special to me and those who attend and have attended the treatment program that runs because of generous donations.

In the fall of 2015, I was dying. My heart was stopping in the middle of the night, and I was wasting away to nothing while running (literally) away from my emotions and pain. I was forced to seek help or my struggle with anorexia and over-exercise addiction. I found Manna and Dr. Genie Burnett just in the nick of time, although if you would have asked me then, I didn’t need any help. I was “fine”. Manna helped me see that I needed to fight my eating disorder or I was going to die.  Dr. Burnett’s knowledge and guidance helped me get placed in an inpatient facility that was structured for my needs.  After six weeks, insurance and money ran out and I was sent home before I was fully weight restored or even remotely recovered.  If I stopped my treatment at this point, I would have been what professionals call “partially recovered”. Partial recovery is abundant in the eating disorder community because those who suffer from the mental illness often do not have the time, money, or resources available to obtain the treatment needed.  Partial recovery feels a lot like when you have been on a trip, land at your home airport with things that you have purchased from abroad, and then your luggage is lost.  It feels extremely disappointing and like you remember buying things and you were excited about them, but then over time, you forget and return to the way that you lived before. It’s very frustrating and feels like a huge waste of money and time.  

This would have been the case for me if it were not for Manna Fund.

When I ran out of money from the medical loan I applied for, my family and I could not afford to spend another penny on treatment, yet I was still in the midst of the battle for my life. I went to Dr. Burnett and I told her that I was not ready to leave, but our funds had been depleted and I would not be able to continue treatment any longer. She was not going to have it. I was able to attend Manna’s IOP groups for pennies compared to what other treatment facilities charged, all because of your generous donations. I continued to attend groups for a month after my money ran out, and that month, those four weeks made a difference that I can never describe fully in words. That month didn’t give me hope of recovery; it gave me the WAY to recovery. That month did not give me almost enough time to heal my body; it gave me the TIME to heal my body. That month didn’t give me the “I know you can do this on your own” speech that I had been given when leaving other treatment centers; it gave me “I am here to hold your hand through this- we can do it together” support that I needed to cross from “in recovery” to recovered.

If you are wondering how I am doing, I can tell you. I am living. Not only physically living like I was before I found Manna, but I am living to the degree that everyone should get the opportunity in this life to live. I am taking risks, loving hard, laughing often, eating well, connecting with others, and following my dreams in ways I never thought imaginable. This way of living is not possible for someone who suffers from an eating disorder. Manna is truly a gift from God to those who experience it. So if someone were to ask my why they should donate to the Manna Fund, I would tell them, this fund gives life to those who thought it would never possible for them. This fund gives hope to those who have lived in the dark for way too long. This fund gives a quiet mind to those who were constantly trying to drown out the noise. This fund helps connect people who have such worth to the world that they hid away from for years. This fund is life. I would not be living mine without it.

I use to think that recovery was not possible. It would not have been for me and countless others without the help of Manna Fund. Your donations will fund a life. Your partnership will make a person who is suffering feel worthy. Your sponsorship will go towards saving precious lives that matter to their loved ones and the world around them. My children thank you. My husband thanks you. Most of all, I thank you.


Brooke Heberling

Manna Alumni

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