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Name: HT-Rush
Date: 08/03/2015
Message: Me here we go up thirty-seconds preaching all the way tothe top step in overall giving your littlechallenge here right to the top there we go there you go field keep got second up HT-Rush push yourself quite work out you gotta get a sweat Inc 3 to you one .

Name: Dale Paul
Date: 07/31/2015
Message: Hour while the show now for the better our the second hour draw arms you the whole show on p.y.tnetwork dot com welcome back to the Young Turks I a lot of view were fired up during that last year which I didn't know whether or not people would be as passionate about his.

Name: Steven Morales
Date: 07/29/2015
Message: Recovery facility going to be kept up-to-date so that if we need to use that recovery facility it is an exact mirror image at the existing infrastructure that was lost as a result of the disaster the next action step is to take preventive measures if there are things that can be done to prevent a disaster from disabling the .

Name: roxane
Date: 07/28/2015
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Name: Robert Lopp
Date: 07/25/2015
Message: I would say for using power over after net just buy good stuff you know by Cisco buy good quality stuff because there is communication between the two things and you can you can fry a device or the device .

Name: Ryan Henshaw
Date: 07/23/2015
Message: The one on these are block signals by the way you take one box ignoring you put it after the turn ceasing the am intersection and that's that you pretty much just a do the same thing you to take the exit look back over into the entrance river that maybe and then you need to take the exit on the one over here .

Name: Tony Taylor
Date: 07/22/2015
Message: Program to the central nervous system anybody that's worked with the computer can tell you that a computer will respond only two specific instructions your body is the same way it doesn't care what you're trying to do it only react exercises specifically as their plight over the past 50 years or so bodybuilders have learned largely by trial and error what kind work out the muscles in the body best .

Name: Robert Farr
Date: 07/21/2015
Message: Full employment would really look like including the government is the employer's last resort and the idea the jobs do you in general have good affects are wherever they come from I'm world will be a little over but our can't tell if there's okay when we take 11 a.m. I want to thank Rick for your point about you know that both the absence and the presence of the aftermath experience in this the larger issue I think that's really profound statement on and I also want to ask you love something more specifically about .

Name: Thomas Jasso
Date: 07/15/2015
Message: Their resilience and the possibility %uh the realization of the human potential along with the overall satisfaction with life this one's definition so well being another guess that definition of well-being is a kind of measure it's a valid population outcome measure that be all mobility mortality enacting them a.m. and economic status that tells us how people perceive their life is going from their own perspective . \

Name: Susan Cox
Date: 07/11/2015
Message: About to school circles by school counselors and then we could have a societal discussion much more informed about diagnosing kids with ADHD does it benefit them and how to use these drugs and Wendy is instruction should we bemusing these drugs long-term so that's really my hope is that new information would lead to us with a more considered consideration what we're doing to our children with this paradigm care thank you in gauge still I assume that most the stuff you've looked at got ample sample sizes in your convince motto the data is reliable I'm convinced it's the best data we have here so why would someone rehashing this come a different data he is it to increase the sample size shoe do a program where you put kids on assort period and put them off and try and see what the benefits are.

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