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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for a scholarship?

Manna Fund was created to help individuals who need inpatient and/or residential treatment for the treatment of eating disorders and who have financial barriers regarding payment for such treatment. Manna Fund awards treatment scholarships to those males and females who have: significant impairment in physical, emotional, or mental health; been identified as needing inpatient or residential treatment by their Primary Care Physician, Primary Therapist, Psychiatrist, or nutritionist; and encountered barriers in acquiring the necessary funds for treatment. If you are currently being treated for an eating disorder through inpatient and/or residential treatment you are not eligible for a scholarship.  If you have previously received treatment and are not currently in the hospital or any treatment facility you are eligible.

Once I apply to the Manna Fund, how long will it be until I hear a reply?

Once the complete application is received, a representative from Manna Fund will notify you by e-mail that it was received, and will also inform you if there are any missing documents in your application. You will receive monthly updates on the financial status of Manna Fund and will be notified of any scholarships being awarded. If you are chosen for a scholarship, Manna Fund will notify you directly by phone and letter; you do not need to call to ask.

How often are scholarships awarded?

The Manna Fund does not operate under a specific timeline for disbursing scholarships. This is due to the nature of the fundraising; we receive funding through grants, sponsorships, donors, and fundraising. Manna Fund is consistently seeking out funding in order to award scholarships to our applicants, and will do so as funding is made available. Manna Fund is working towards equipping scholarship applicants to help raise funding for their treatment and/or conducting fundraising for future applicants once their treatment has been completed. How much can be awarded for a scholarship? Is there a limit? Manna Fund seeks to award scholarships based on the need of the individual. When applying for a scholarship, you should include financial quotes from more than one treatment facility. If MSF believes a treatment facility is asking for too much, we will personally contact the facility for negotiation, or direct you to a different facility.

Are scholarships given based on when the application was received or by the need of the applicant?

Applications are reviewed by our Clinical Advisory Committee (CAC), which is a team of professionals who are skilled in the field of treating eating disorders. Objective measures are used to determine who is in the greatest need of treatment. This decision is not based on the date an application was received. The CAC makes recommendations to the Executive Board of Directors, who then determines the award amount for scholarship recipients. Who should fill out the consent and authorization to release information form? The legal-age adult or legal guardian (if the applicant is a minor) should sign all release forms. This form is necessary for Manna Fund to give or receive information in regards to your previous, current, or future treatment from any designated party. Consent forms are most commonly filled out for your therapist, PCP, psychiatrist, nutritionist, and family members involved in treatment.

What should I do for the required letters of recommendation if I do not have a psychiatrist, nutritionist/dietician, therapist, or primary care physician?

It is important to receive letters from all parties that are currently involved with your treatment. IF you are not seeing one of these previous individuals in the medical or helping profession, please note on your application which of the previous professionals that you aren't seeing and the reason why you are not seeing them.

Is the lab work required to be eligible for a scholarship? What lab work is required?

Completed lab work is imperative in order for an application to be considered complete, and therefore "eligible" for a scholarship. Required lab work includes CBC (completed blood count), CMP (complete metabolic panel), Mg (magnesium level), Phosphorous, and Amylase.

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