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Gems of the Heart Curriculum

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Key Point


G- Girls, Know Thyself

In order to become strong, healthy, and confident girls, it is important to know who you are as a person.


E- Empowerment, not control

Empowerment means having power over things in our "hula-hoop" and not trying to control things outside of our "personal space."


M- Mothers are instrumental

Mothers need to create an open and honest dialog with their daughters. Daughters need to feel comfortable going to their moms with their feelings and problems.


S- Safe Place

When feeling sad, mad, lonely, etc. find a person, place, or thing that makes you feel safe and comfortable.


H- Healthy Eating

Treat your body well by making healthy food choices.


E- Embrace Your Body

Healthy Body Image – You define beauty, not the media. Self-acceptance.


A- Active Lifestyle

Keep your body healthy strong by being physically active


R- Recognize Your Whole Beauty

Beauty is inside and out - there is no one definition of beauty - "self-love"


T- Talk It Out!
Don't bottle up your emotions! It's important to express and communicate your feelings in a healthy way.
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